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Dog Spot Solution Repair & Prevention Package

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Dog Spot Solution Repair & Prevention Package
Dog Spot Solution Repair & Prevention Package
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Simple to use. 1 lb Dog Spot Repair & Recovery Mix PLUS 32 oz Dog Spot Recovery & Prevention Treatment in our Ready To Use Sprayer.
Customer Reviews
Rating Tried several other products that did not work!
I tried several other products that did not work, treats that you feed your dog and different types of fertilizer. Nothing would fix this problem until now. Don't waste your time and money on other gimmicks, this stuff works!!!
Reviewed by:  from Avon, MN. - 5/9/2018
Rating What a transformation!
I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, my lawn looks amazing. My dogs had nearly destroyed my grass, but now it looks great! I sprayed the liquid on my entire yard and treated the dead areas with the dry black powder and now it all looks fantastic. I am very pleased!
Reviewed by:  from Orange, CA. - 4/24/2018
Rating I am very satisfied
I have tried putting water on the areas my dog urinates to try to dilute the urine, but that has not worked and the dead areas seem to never grow back in. I use this product and it did a great job, my lawn is green and no brown ro dead patches. Thanks!
Reviewed by:  from Nashville, TN. - 4/11/2018
Rating Very happy with the results!
My German Shepherds had been making brown dead spots all over my yard, now my grass is green and looks great.
Reviewed by:  from Westerly, R.I.. - 4/2/2018
This stuff works great! Highly recommend it!
Reviewed by:  from St. Augustine, Florida. - 4/1/2018
Rating This is the best!
I love this Product, it is awesome!
Reviewed by:  from Tamarac, FL. - 3/18/2018
Rating Outstanding Product for Dog Urine
This did a great job on my lawn, I have two big dogs and they wrecked my grass. All my dead spots are gone and now my dogs can use any part of my yard and they don't kill the grass.
Reviewed by:  from Springfield, Missouri. - 3/17/2018
Rating I was nervous at first, but, now I will be ordering double
We thought it sounded too good to be true, and we only ordered the single to give it a try. Well, it WORKED, and it was easy to use, basically exactly as represented. We are coming back for more, this time we will take advantage of the double order. Thanks for having a great product.
Reviewed by:  from Tucson, Arizona. - 2/28/2018
Rating Definitely go with the Double Order
I knew from talking to my neighbor who had used it before that it worked, and I was glad to see the double order was available, much better value for the dollar.
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. - 11/22/2017
Rating This Product Absolutely Works!
This product absolutely works! We have two large dogs, a male and a female who are 9 years old. We've owned them since they were 3 months old. The past two winters our dogs mainly went to one large area in the lawn, not wanting to venture too far out into the snow. This Spring our lawn showed major damage to this area. I started using Dog Spot Solution's two part program in June, following the instructions to apply every two weeks. Today, this area is just as green and healthy as the rest of our yard. I couldn't be any more happy with these results.
Reviewed by:  from Littleton, Colorado. - 8/14/2017
Rating It is easy to use, and it works - can't ask for anything more
We wanted something simple, something plug-and-play. They advertise that this is a simple solution, and it works. We are very pleased, glad we ordered it, and we will be repeat customers next year.
Reviewed by:  from South Bend, Indiana. - 8/5/2017
Rating I was pleasently supprised
I have Zoysia grass. The powder and neutralizer spray really worked. The urine was converted to a form that the grass could utilize and even though I did not use the provided grass seed, the Zoysia grass spread and covered the spots very quickly.
Reviewed by:  from Wake Forest, North Carolina. - 7/27/2017
Rating Do yourself a favor, Order some before you try anything else
I talked to people at home depot, at nurseries, at garden centers, and they all said the same thing: Just put some fertilizer on it, and throw down some seed - WRONG!!!! I spoke to one of your reps who took the time to explain to me exactly why this was the wrong advice, and would actually make it worse. I bought the product, and used it according to directions (great directions, by the way). I am very pleased, so much so that I decided to re-order for later this year, and to take the time to write this recommendation. You make a great product, and I am a happy customer.
Reviewed by:  from Greenville, SC. - 6/28/2017
Rating Impressed me, and my neighbors!
Everyone on the block is asking me what's my secret. They all want to order Dog Spot Solution, after seeing the overall improvement in my grass. It is more than just the dog spots being gone, its the luxurious green that now blankets my entire lawn. You know what they say, Happy wife, Happy life and my neighbors are jealous to boot!
Reviewed by:  from New Bern, NC. - 6/17/2017
Rating Simply Amazing
I am amazed! I had tried many other remedies and not one helped. I simply followed the instructions, and within a few days I could begin to see the spots filling in!
Reviewed by:  from Sacramento, CA. - 6/15/2017
Rating Testimonial for Dog Spot Solution
My lawn has never looked better! After spending a lot on pills claiming to prevent urine spots on our lawn, with no success, I decided to try a different approach and ordered Dog Spot Solutions and we are really pleased. Our grass is green and no burnt out spots. It is so easy to apply and the cost is very reasonable. We will continue to use as the results are remarkable.
Reviewed by:  from Sugar Grove, Illinois. - 6/6/2017
Rating This is a great product, I highly recommend it!
This is a great product, I highly recommend it!
Reviewed by:  from Charlotte, NC. - 4/20/2017
Rating Very easy to use and works as advertised!
I was very impressed, this was very easy to use, just attach the sprayer to my water hose and spray my yard. My dogs no longer kill my grass! I would highly recommend this to anyone that has a problem with their dog's pee causing dead places in their lawn.
Reviewed by:  from Frisco, Texas. - 3/12/2017
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